A Hunger in the Blood

“My name is Janos Nadasdy, and I am not a vampire.”
A single sentence in a discarded attempt to explain the unexplainable. Janos, a private investigator, is the leader of a community run by the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control called Csejthe Colony: a home, a clinic, a research center for 26 souls who suffer from the most severe form of porphyria.
Porphyria is a metabolic disorder of the blood whose symptoms, in the extreme, are exactly those associated with vampirism. Housed in a secluded Victorian mansion, the Colony maintains an uneasy peace with the modern society surrounding it, a peace that is abruptly shattered by the gruesome murder of a young woman.
Called to the mist-shrouded scene by the police, Janos embarks on an investigation that sparks even more horrific killings, resurrects ancient superstitions, and unearths clues that lead, inexorably, to the unthinkable.


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