Zelle Gide: Lessons for a Spy

“The color of truth is gray.” – AndrĂ© Paul Guillaume Gide, French author.

Zelle Gide (Jhee-d), Senior Agent for the French intelligence service, was born to by a spy. Her skills in tradecraft, languages and interrogation were developed at an early age.

She must overcome her childhood traumas and the debilitating trials of a spy to protect technologist Esquelle (Es – Cue – EL) DonnĂ©es (DU – Nee) and her genius brother, Bernard — one dangerous misson at a time.

You will cheer for her. You will cry for her. But you will never forget her.

As a companion to the Esquelle trilogy, the book allows fans of the series to garner insights not developed in the series itself. Its science-fiction component is taken from those earlier works.

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