White Light: The Final Choice (Last Reunion Book 6)

“Joe, the Old Man,” the 92-year-old comedian and hero of the Last Reunion series, awakens from his last disastrous adventure in a hospital bed.

A tangle of parasitic tubes and monitoring leads have invaded his decrepit body. A strange dialysis-like machine exchanges his blood, mixed with a golden liquid of unknown provenance. A Ventricular Assist Device supports his failing heart.

He cannot remember the last three years, his successes or his failures in his fight against the Be-Young-Again drug called Hebe. He cannot remember his lovely android companion, or the fiery, red-headed nurse he’s come to love.

And if all that were not bad enough, he is told he is dying.

In this sixth and final installment of the series, he is given a chance to live, a Final Choice. Will he agree to risk all for this miracle cure, this transcendence? And if he does, will he lose his humanity, his soul?

The Series (In Order):

Last Reunion
Death Panel
Precinct 1
Dark Web Rising
Stiff Addict
White Line

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