Tribe of the Tiger

The streets. The ghetto. The inner city. By whatever name one applies, the urban jungle has its own set of rules, rules that make suburban folk shiver.

But what if – over the course of one long, hot summer – those rules supplanted the laws of society?

What if our overburdened legal system finally ground to a halt? What would replace “justice?”

Would it be – as in this satirical work of fiction: THE TRIBE OF THE TIGER?

Told in a series of intricately woven vignettes, this dark comedy tracks the days of one summer in a large American city. It tells of the rise of Clarence William Tieg, aka, the Tiger, a street-wise gang leader who acquires power by guile… and by default.

Through surreal “philosophy” and biting humor, the story entertains the reader by disturbing one of his deepest fears: the terror of uncertainty, of disorder, of chaos.

Given the choice, the novel asks, would you fall under the power of the Tiger if it meant security, survival?

A debt-ridden city mayor, an aging judge, an embattled police detective, a money-grubbing lawyer, a frightened shopkeeper, a disillusioned suburbanite, even a prehistoric cave-dweller, must all make that crucial decision.

TRIBE OF THE TIGER explores a surreal, summer-long odyssey: twisted, contorted, ironic. And now, closer to the truth than ever before. — Joe Dacy II

(Rated R for violence, include sexual assault, and language)

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