The Last Reunion Series: Six-Book Set

In 2040 at his Last Reunion, an aging George Carlin-like comedian exposes a government conspiracy to save Social Security by killing off the elderly.

And then things really get weird.

Follow the adventures of Joe the Old Man and a fiery, redheaded nurse named Linda Reece as they battle the most pernicious drug ever invented: Hebe — the Be Young Again concoction with more lives than Schrodinger’s Cat.

Through six chaotic, genre-defying novels, the pair risks their lives to foil deadly government agents, greedy corporate henchmen, and vile Dark Web warriors. They’ll employ Intelligent Avatars, androids, nanotech, and the drug itself to win at any cost. But will their final choice be too high a price to pay?

It’s an epic read of hard science, ribald comedy, and dystopian drama, and not for the faint of heart.

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