The Esquelle Trilogy

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** Esquelle and the Tesla Protocol — Book I

Meet French technologist Esquelle.Two terrorist kidnappers are watching her. NSA agents are monitoring her every move.And no less than five national intelligence services are about to disrupt her quiet life. Can she survive the Tesla Protocol.

** Esquelle and the Primary Key — Book II

Esquelle returns in her new role as an agent for the French security service, the DGSE. In the second book of the series, a new threat — the Primary Key — emerges in the form of a virtual nation called the Grove of Knowledge.

** Esquelle and the Lost Enclave — Book III

French intelligence agent Esquelle DonnĂ©es Girard has disappeared from her honeymoon inside a dormant volcano. After nine months of futile searching, another unfathomable mystery appears at a Canadian hospital: a five-year-old girl whose DNA proves she is Esquelle’s daughter.

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