Stiff Addict: Stay Young Forever (Last Reunion Book 5)

Over three years, it has killed the elderly, the rich, the powerful, and now it’s killing the young.

Comedian “Joe the Old Man” is once again drawn into the fight against the pernicious drug called Hebe, this time to save nurse Linda Reece from a deadly addiction, one which turns groups of young people into zombie-like herds.

Denied the resources of the FBI, and beset by problems with his emotional and over-protective Intelligent Avatar, Joe enters the fray alone, able to trust only in his wits.

But all is not as it seems in this fifth installment of the Last Reunion series. Can Joe save Linda’s life? If so, will it be at the cost of his own?
The Series (In Order):

Last Reunion
Death Panel
Precinct 1
Dark Web Rising
Stiff Addict
White Line

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