Precinct 1: Screw This! (Last Reunion Book 3)

“Joe, the Old Man” is drawn back into the fight against the deadly Be-Young-Again drug called Hebe in this third installment of the Last Reunion series. It’s another shocking saga of side-splitting salaciousness!

This time, he’s battling Precinct 1, the one-percenters who are now addicted to the “safe” formula of the alluring elixir. Someone is selling the stuff on the Dark Web, and Joe must find out who before more people die.

Joined by his feisty, crimson-hair nurse and his sexy, all-too-human android, he travels to Chicago to ferret out the culprit.

But his enemies seem to have multiplied. Are they Precinct 1 henchmen? Foreign spies? Shadowy government operatives? Or Dark Web Warriors? Only time, and Hebe, will tell.

The Series (In Order):

Last Reunion
Death Panel
Precinct 1
Dark Web Rising
Stiff Addict
White Line

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