Esquelle and the Primary Key: Book II

Having escaped the deadly imposition of the Tesla Protocol, Esquelle Données, the beautiful French information technologist, returns in her new role as an agent for the French security service, the DGSE.

In the second book of the Esquelle series, a new threat — the Primary Key — emerges in the form of a virtual nation called the Grove of Knowledge.

Spurred by the outright theft of her brother Bernard’s 130-unit satellite flock, she and her DGSE team are assigned the dangerous task of solving the mystery.

The mission reveals new technologies and forces the team to deal with both new and old enemies whose plotting weaves an intricate web of intrique, betrayal, tradecraft and danger. The volatile mixture tests Esquelle’s loyalties to the breaking point, and she will need all of her skills to survive the machinations of the “spider” at the center of that web.

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