Dark Web Rising: Into the Abyss (Last Reunion Book 4)

“Before the screaming started, the video’s aspect glided forward, like a panther closing in on hapless prey, to frame the young woman’s head and naked shoulders. Then it froze, as a hunting cat might still its advance, the better to savor the moment before it pounces.”

At the beginning of this fourth novella in the Last Reunion series, “Joe, the Old Man’s” tempestuous nurse, Linda, has been kidnapped, drugged, and forced to participate in a Dark Web porn shoot.

As the Dark Web rises from its cybernetic abyss, Joe again fights back, leading an official FBI operation to expose the darkest and most chilling use yet of the Be-Young-Again drug called Hebe.

Warning: Twisted, obsidian humor — sure to get a LOSER ticket — informs this depraved view of 2042’s most degenerate realm.
The Series (In Order):

Last Reunion
Death Panel
Precinct 1
Dark Web Rising
Stiff Addict
White Line

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